Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 Days Away

I cannot believe where time has gone! I am getting married to the man of my dreams in 24 days!!! Ahhhh it is soo surreal to me! I am sooo excited, have lots to do still, but checking my list off more and more everyday. If it was not for my mom, I do not know what I would do. She is the BEST!!!! Planning 1/2 of your wedding long distance is not easy but my mom has done so much for me & has had so much fun planning and helping me! I was able to go home last weekend but only for 2 days! My mom threw me the most beautiful shower ever!! I was so blessed & touched by everyone & everything. It was very personal and all of my close friends & family were there to share it with me. My mom had a huge blown meal from appetizers, cream corn, green bean casserole, chicken, to chocolate covered strawberries & home made cream puffs made from scratch my Sara my sister. My mom had some of the best games ever & they were so fun & personal. Thanks mom, Shawna, Sara, and Amanda for throwing me a beautiful shower and all of the work you did for it!!! I love you!

It is really starting to hit my family especially my mom & sisters, that I am getting married and I am not at home anymore. With me moving to Georgia is really started to hit home to my family & I. This transition is hard & challenging, but I know that God has called us here, so making this sacrifice only means that God has something greater in store for Keegan & I. I am still looking for a job & I am trusting that God will bring the right one my way. I am just praying that something comes soon!

Well... the countdown is now on... Keegan & I are currently working on finalizing the rehearsal dinner. Below is a list of things that I am currently working on:
1. Programs
2. Finalzing music
3. Making schedules for the entire weekend
4. Finish ordering gifts for some
5. Finalize all of the small details with the banquet hall
6. Getting all of the decorations together for the ceremoney

One thing that I cannot decide is the color of the napkins for the reception. They have a light skimmery purple but my color for the wedding is dark puple. I was thinking black napkins but now I am back to white. Any suggestions?

Well that is all for now folks! If you have a blog & I am not following you let me know : )


Christina said...

Wow Christa!!! That's so amazing!!!! I'm so excited for you both ;) What a huge time of transition! Although perhaps it's comforting to know that you want to end up back in IL someday...and technology makes it easy to stay in touch, but still it's not the same as being there, especially when some of your siblings are so young! I so very much wish I could be there to celebrate on your special day! About the napkins, what colors are the tablecloths and what are the centerpieces?

Christa Ann said...

Christina I really miss you!!! Thanks for always taking the time to comment, I appreciate it a lot:) The centerpieces are purple carnations in a bowl on top of mirror with candles around it. The tablecloths are white. My mom actually met with the banquet hall today & I guess that found a plum color of napkin to match. So I think we are going to go with them. What do you think?

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